Welcome to an exclusive opportunity to join The World on the Web townNetwork and run your Town or City Community Business. We are giving you the opportunity run one of our highly advanced fully automated search engine Town Businesses in your area .

Your Town Portal has the potential to generate over £100,000+ a year profit. You will become the number 1 provider of dynamic web products in your area. Each business advertisers are able to easily place and manager their own advertising pages 24 hours a day via their own password protected control panel and feature a online map, full colour photo’s, full page company description, website hyperlinks and a online enquiry form so potential customers can contact the business directly .

The Company

UK on the Web.com is a premier programming, brand development, Multimedia and Web D19corporate_04evelopment Company based in Wiltshire with clients across the World. We have won acclaim for achieving a critical balance between dynamic, interactive designs and powerful, scalable programming solutions.

www.ukontheweb.net opened its trading doors to the marketplace in 2002. In the first 3 months of operation, the company escalated from start up, to a company rapidly exceeding its business goals by almost 250%. This is not down to “beginners luck”, but more to the implementation of a carefully thought out marketing strategy, coupled with an expanding product line which is capturing the imagination of the market sector chosen for initial penetration.

The Franchisee

A new Town or City Franchisee will not need any previous experience of either computers or the internet market, but will need to be hard working and self motivated in order to maximise the full potential of this business opportunity. The role can be an enjoyable way not only to earn a good living but also to build a worthwhile business for the future.Franchisees can opt to do everything themselves or delegate by employing sales people so that they can spend more time developing their business.

At present your Town is full of local businesses with web sites that are all out there on their own and are not being promoted correctly, your Town on the web will bring them all together, a one stop local directory .

Your Town has the potential to generate over £100,000+ a year profit. Each advertiser is able to easily place and manager their own advertising pages 24 hours a day via their own password protected control panel.

For any business to be successful, it must have a product that someone wants and needs. You will see why this ‘product’ is so unique and so valuable that virtually every business in your area will want to be included. It’s so much more than a web-site…

Who needs to spend all day on the phone servicing some product? (None of that here!)

Did you really want to fill up your garage, or half your bedroom with a bunch of products that no one will buy? Providing this unique product to your customers is virtually zero-cost and hassle free.

You do the work once and get paid over and over again. Your customers will remain with you month after month. The results they get from being on your web-site will ensure that, for the vast majority, once they start, they won’t want to stop – and they’ll pay you each month, usually by Standing Order.

This is a ‘win-win’ business that you can be proud of. Your customers make more money. You win with a profitable business AND prestige and respect within your community.

Your monthly overheads are tiny. I’ve looked hard and I don’t think there’s a bone fide business out there with a lower cost base. Plus the initial investment is a fraction of what many, frankly much less attractive, franchises cost.

It’s already been tested and proven by many franchisees across the country…with stunning results.

Your Town and City community business will not only provide websites but also offer a Total interactive marketing solution for your Town. Your Town Business will generate money from both consumers and local businesses .

Worldwide network

We are currently setting up Agents in all Countries creating a global network, all Towns, Cities and Countries will link to each other creating a Worldwide Network.

Town and City portal’s have multiple sources of income, here are some examples below that are included in the Town and City package.

Full Business Ownership

UK on the Web are offering the next ten customers – Full Business Ownership . After this The World on the Web Opportunity will be a Franchise Opportunity with Uk on the Web earning commissions of income. Full Business Ownership means you choose how much to charge and you earn 100% commissions .

IF you are serious about running a comprehensive, ready-to-go business in YOUR area, then we think you’ll agree this could be just the opportunity you have been searching for.

Welcome to the UK on the Web TOWN and CITY NETWORK business, you will be amazed at this high-tech turnkey business and the potential is truly outstanding !