Medical Products

What Problems Can It Cause?

A defective medical product can cause death. It can also cause infection and inflammation to varying degrees. What many people do not realize is that a defective medical product can create an increased risk for all three of those effects and that is all that is needed for a claim.

How Do You Make A Claim?

To make a claim you have to speak to an attorney so they can let you know how the documentation of your claim will stand in court. They can also direct you to what other documentation you need to prove your claim. This can mean everything from receipts to doctor’s records and more. This is a part of the process that you must be patient with as it can be tedious. While the effects of the defective product may be immediately apparent, you still have to prove it on paper so the other party cannot create reasonable doubt about their product being the cause.

What About Class Actions Lawsuits?

One of the other reasons you need to talk to a Los Angeles defective medical products attorney is that your case may be part of a much larger class action lawsuit. A class action lawsuit is brought by attorneys to represent large numbers of claimants at once.

This is usually done when the defective product isn’t a rare event, but part of a design flaw that the company knew about, or became aware of and did not address. Being part of a class action suit can increase the power of your voice and get you the same compensation as an individual suit too